WWE RAW 2/29/16 – Wrestlemania Marco Polo

  1. We’re all afraid of the Triple H golden shovel.
  2. Dean Ambrose – The Face of Fearless
  3. We will still boo Roman.
  4. Sasha and Becky fell asleep in the ring.
  5. Triple Threat..that’s the key.
  6. I understood the Becky/Sasha matchup more than The Miz actually winning a match!
  7. We heard the word, ‘brat’, from a brat.
  8. Bow Down to the Queen…WWE, DO NOT MESS WITH LEMMY!
  9. Ryberg has arrived.
  10. Undertaker, no blood. This PG!
  11. Deadman is here this week, but no money.
  12. Money arrives next week. But there will be no Deadman.
  13. Byron Saxton. Happy Black History Month. You got a better reaction than Stacy Dash.
  14. Hunter….thanks.
  15. TNA take notes..This is how Nashville gets packed.