WWE RAW 11/30/15 – Everything is on Roman

  1. Roman Reigns had to win or I wouldn’t do my list tonight.
  2. Sheamus 5:15?! Austin, please stun the entire creative team.
  3. There were EVO and DBZ references.
  4. The booking team completely forgot about New Day.
  5. That wasn’t a table for Braun. That was a damn billboard.
  6. We spent money on Tommy Dreamer’s one-time theme!
  7. Never celebrate when there’s animosity.
  8. Charlotte is now reading the Book of Flair.
  9. We thought Reigns was going to win….for 5 minutes.
  10. No KO sighting = bad for IC title feud.
  11. The debut and ending of The Rosebush.
  12. No, it’s not NXT. I wouldn’t be roasting this show if it was.
  13. Why is it that The New Day can make something out of nothing every time? They did it to this week’s show.
  14. www.whereisaxel.com. Yes it’s real.
  15. League of Nations? This is what happens when Orton, Rollins, Cena, AND Cesaro are out at the same damn time.