WWE RAW 1/27/20 – 15 Things Learned

WWE RAW post-Royal Rumble is always fun. Especially when there’s Rated RKO or just RKO.

  1. Saudi Arabia wins mean nothing, unless you’re Braun or Brock.
  2. Give someone a Claymore Kick to the face. He will show up more. Hi Brock.
  3. MVP is Ballin.
  4. R-Truth is the most decorated WWE Superstar today.
  5. Never be so relevant that you become irrelevant.
  6. At least sell the beatdowns. We understand who your father is.
  7. Always one up the bad guys.
  8. Paul Heyman is the WWE Champion. He’s held it longer on TV.
  9. Undefeated in NXT means nothing these days.
  10. Can we either reveal what is in the stupid cage or scrap this whole thing already? Rowan, listen.
  11. Fail a piss test, and keep your championship. Good work, Cien.
  12. Welcome back Edge!
  13. Randy Orton is a snake.
  14. The concharito is a nice touch.
  15. 15 got tough. Watching Lana wrestle was tougher.