WWE RAW 1/13/2020 – 15 Things Learned

WWE RAW was live in Lexington, Kentucky at the Rupp Arena. From R-Truth getting in AND out the Rumble to AJ Styles being on the receiving end of a Styles Clash, this RAW was…well, what it was.

  1. In Lexington, KY, I declare that the list of 15 things is back!
  2. By the way, Street Profits, I want the smoke!
  3. Security is needed at a wedding, especially when no one likes the storyline.
  4. Lana changes accents more than some people change underwear.
  5. R-Truth should’ve stayed in the Rumble!
  6. Brock Lesnar has humor. It’s between Suplex City and the Category F5 Hurricane.
  7. Hands have measurements? Just ask Big Show.
  8. Mojo found his mojo?! Yes, there’s a 24/7 champ!
  9. Buddy Murphy calls himself WWE’s Best Kept Secret. 3 losses…I think that secret’s out.
  10. Y’all know Brock Lesnar got paid 2 years some folks’ salaries just to stand in a 20×20 ft box. Seriously.
  11. Get mist out of your eyes before cutting a promo.
  12. Now that I ran out, this is a good comeback. Like seriously, last time I did this, I had a kid. Well, this time, I have another kid.
  13. Two things I learned about having 2 under 2.
  14. #1 – Sync sleep times!
  15. #2 – The kids run the house. Simple.

For the results, check out WWE.com or Wrestlezone!