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WWE Payback 2015 Predictions - LosEvolution

WWE Payback 2015 Predictions

WWE Payback 2015

The card is still predictable to me.

Here is your final rundown for the WWE Payback Pay Per View.

  • Ryback vs Bray Wyatt: Bray Wyatt
  • Naomi & Tamina vs The Bellas: Naomi & Tamina
  • The New Day vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
  • John Cena vs Rusev: John Cena
  • Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus: Sheamus
  • Neville vs King Barrett: King Barrett
  • Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton: Seth Rollins

(IM)Patiently waiting on Brock.