WWE Night of Champions – Destruction and Tour de Brock.

  1. Paul Heyman owns everything he touches, even TV promos.
  2. Seth Rollins has more building of himself than the Wall of China.
  3. New Day grows on you…but so does mold if you don’t shower.
  4. Jericho, perhaps you should’ve let the fan be their partner.
  5. Braun, you got the million dollar job. Now, be better than Fan….dannnn….gone.
  6. So, we’re going back to JeriTroll?
  7. Sting, TNA looking better? At least you were winning.
  8. Cena is chasing Ric Flair to the max.
  9. CM Punk…you are now erased, except you’re the longest reigning champion since that nigga Hulk Hogan.
  10. Kane vs either Sheamus or Rollins…we know how this ends.