WWE Money In The Bank 2016 – Codename: SHIELD

  1. Mauro Ranallo, less puns get you on the main show. But then again, we know you’re the better commentator.
  2. The preshow doesn’t miss The King. We’ll take hung over Graves.
  3. I want to see Bully Ray!!!
  4. When in doubt…improv the spot. Don’t just stand there!
  5. AJ Styles, this may be what you do, but that crowd’s a bit big huh?
  6. Styles, this is your payoff for the Royal Rumble and 2 WWE Title losses.
  7. So, here’s the 2 out of 3 Cena feud win!
  8. Nattie, Dolph, keep apologizing.
  9. Careful with that ’69’ yell, Jericho!
  10. Don’t sell the family if you’re not going to give the Dad a title.
  11. The Pedigree has been upgraded!
  12. I don’t know who’s heel anymore!
  13. Internet, you’ve been redeemed from the NBA Finals with this title win.
  14. There was more eye peeling than that peeling pre-show match!
  15. 11:15…11:20..11:25…11:30pm EST – Roman, Seth, Dean, show over.



Match Card