WWE – Let’s Be Real – 1/14/14

There is a reason (aside from being early since I was sleepy) that this moment was not captured in my 15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW segment.

The moment that Daniel Bryan wanted and needed: Bray Wyatt locked in solo, without ANYONE to help and interfere. Besides, it’s almost wedding time! I believe he’s gonna go the clean cut approach, so he wouldn’t fit in without the beard!

This, of course, sets up Wyatt/Bryan again and hopefully, it’s a 1v1 situation with the others banned from ringside. This will give Bray some time in the ring without his posse, and Bryan time to shine again and close this feud out. Logically, the only reason I see the union is the beards. It cannot be promises of championships, as none of the 3 Wyatts have won title since their joint debut. This stable, along with the Shield, show promise, but not in a contained fashion. The Wyatts need to run amok, and The Shield needs to wipe out whoever the Authority wants.

Anyway, I do hope this turn will see a more intense Daniel Bryan who basically says ‘Screw the System,’ and does things his own way. In the independent scene, he was known as the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, kicking off wrestlers’ heads left and right! Hopefully, WWE will cut the strings and let him flip this switch fully and see if the draw is there with the fans of this generation.

Let’s Be Real:

This guy gets the closest reaction possible to the Attitude Era in this, an era where wrestling has 90% evolved into entertainment, social media, and predictable storylines. Daniel Bryan has fought past all the annoying gimmicks, the lame matches, weak booking, and has made himself the mainstay that NO ONE in the WWE would give to him. One thing I know he is glad about is that John Cena will go to bat for him any day. Like or hate the guy, Cena saved the WWE Championship Ascension ceremony in Bryan’s hometown, where the crowd basically PWNED the segment.

With a backing like that, the booking for this guy HAS to improve. He’s exceptional in the ring and as for charisma, he has it! The entertainment portion of it is already there. Let this man chase the gold!