Wrestling News 9/21/15 – Sting Suffers Injury

WWE.com has issued the following statement, confirming Sting was injured during the main event of Night of Champions last night:

“Sting reportedly sustained an injury Sunday night during his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against champion Seth Rollins. Check back with WWE.com for more details and updates on Sting’s condition following Night of Champions.”,

As noted, Sting is expected to be on Raw tonight, but given his injury status it’s unlikely he will be used in a physical capacity.


Sting was really pushed to his limit in this match. Compared to the end of his TNA run, and even the match at Wrestlemania with Triple H, this was the most physical. The two spots that proved to be painful were the table and the 2nd turnbuckle powerbomb. Either he hit the top or caught a horrible whiplash on impact. You be the judge.

Either way, I hope this does not prove to be severe. Sting has come to WWE after years of doubt and lack of faith that creative would utilize his character. Now, this stands for a potential career-ender, after all the time he spent in TNA, and how much care they gave him.

On Seth’s perspective, this is the 2nd injury angle he has been involved in. The first was against John Cena, in which Cena suffered a broken nose due to a stiff knee to the face. The question comes to mind on Rollins’ current performance.

As the top man, will WWE slow down Seth’s push because of the two injuries, especially the one to perhaps one of the most iconic figures in wrestling, and the other to the current franchise player of WWE?