Wrestling Monday: A Cult of Personality for WWE RAW

So we got walkouts, a petition, a vote, a PPV, and a Mexican tour to prep for. This whole ‘walkout’ storyline gotta go and it’s gotta go tonight. Embrace the fact that Mr. “EVPOTR” or Executive Vice-President of Talent Relations, is the one behind all of this. Saddening though, that the guy gotta reinstate his positon every time that he’s on TV.

  1. Triple H as COO is good….him being the most over guy is bad
  2. CM Punk has lost the steam. GIVE IT BACK!!!
  3. John Cena….get a streak of badass in ya.
  4. Mark Henry is going to go straight to the moon with this title reign. Have him destroy EVERYONE!
  5. Black or Blue…just pick one cuz this Sin Cara thing is already annoying.
  6. Have Orton RKO random people…for the hell of it.
  7. When you’re a champion, I’m not supposed to hear pins drop at your entrance, match, or promo.
  8. PUSH Morrison and Ryder!