Weight Training and Its Pitfalls

For three years, I have been at each angle when it comes to weight training. I have gone to strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and even a stint of endurance. Believe it or not, less work is done in the gym. It is the work done OUTSIDE that makes the difference. Here are a few pitfalls that I believe can hurt or accelerate results.

  1. Rest
    Rest does it all: recover, gives energy, and actually……makes you grow! The opposite for those who are losing weight as well. Getting those 8 hours can be a pain, but try to ‘get it in.’
  2. Overtraining
    You will notice it. I am referring to that pain right in the leg or arm that just won’t go away. That moment when you hear a pop when pushing that heavy weight. Though it is fine to push the body, you can only push it so far…
  3. Nutrition
    Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Clean carbs, proteins, and a somewhat clean diet helps bring better results than a random diet. Before you touch the iron, touch the kitchen.
  4. Water….Water…Water
    H20….water….that clear liquid stuff….it is essential. SO CHUG IT!

Those are the 4 things that I definitely learned the easy (sometimes hard) way when it comes to training. What do you think about it?