Walking Away From The Past Part #1: Expression

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.”,

Express it
I sit back and think of the bulls**t that happened in the past…from the bullying to the teasing to the fighting and even the lack of self-esteem. So here is my thing. I am who I am. To hell with the past because I am doing just fine in my present. One thing to embrace is that people will be people, regardless if you may want to rip their heads off just for kicks because you feel as if the past treatment made you an angry person.

Is it because people picked on you when you were weak and now that a sliver of strength flows, you want to take it out on the world?
Is it the fact that you have a “I don’t give a f***” mentality and if someone tries to lay a hand on you that you can and WILL break it off?
How about the fact that honestly, anybody who f*cked you over in the past can kiss your a**?
Or the moments that you talk about it, you feel like smashing someone in the face just because you can?
Are you at the point where you feel like you gotta bust your a** to get accepted by some ingrates that really do not give 2 f*cks whether you lived or died?
Are you being careful with your words around people because you know that some people know you were raised with some aspect of tactfulness?
Is subtlety a point of the past?
Now that you’ve asked all the questions, what do you call it?

An Expression….