Video: New World Order?

I was sent a link to this vid earlier this week….

Click here, if the embedded video does not work.

Crazy, in my opinion:

1 minute in: “Did he say subsidize?”

5 minutes in: “What the Hell?”

8 minutes in: “Damn – Daaaaammmmmn”

Seriously, this concept that this video is bringing to light is perhaps one of the most obvious things known to us. Though a lot of people have spent their lives fighting for liberties that are supposed to belong to them in the first place, these rights are being taken away. Being tracked and monitored like some slave is not the lifestyle that we are supposed to live.

There was another concept behind the current war in Iraq. Once it was known that there were no ‘weapons of mass destruction’, then I would’ve brought the troops back home. As Americans, I would say that we need to clean up our own house before we try to deal with someone else’s….