Verse: N****as in Paris (Part 1)

Call me C-A-R-L-O-S, I be the best
Best in the world, fuck the rest
Humble to a fault, but I caress
My spirit and heart, tell it its the best
*Ball so Hard*
Up in the game, pledged I-Phi changed the name
Made greek life look not the same
Now I decided it’s time to change
*Ball so hard*
Watch the game move
when I-Phi change the mood
Pain in ya heart, we here to soothe
Guys in this life decided to choose
Watch the rumors start about them centaurs
Crunk as hell, set it out all stars
But realize that we comin back
Right after homecomin, better believe it jack
Thought we were dead, but ya ass hack
Best believe Iota Phi Theta is back
We change the standard, we bring the pack
Of wolves that will jump ya in the face and back
But them centaurs comin, better spread the word
That evolution coming, yea its what you heard
I’m about set these lights straight
Check UMIotas for that probate

Ball so hard……..