Undetermined Destiny

“My life is what I make of it.”,

“I determine who I’m going to be in life.”,

“Life is what I make of it.”,

These, along with other slogans are many of the things that people say to themselves and others about their life. The reason behind the title is a solemn fact that I have accepted. There are parts of my life that I cannot determine or predict. No matter how much control I want over it, I cannot control it.

Throughout my life, there is one border I’ve never crossed until this day. I’ve never said that I can’t control aspects of my life. No matter what, I always believed that I had a constant grip on many of the situations that are presented. Now I realize to myself, there are aspects which I cannot control. Honestly, this scares me because without control or logic, things seem to go crazy.

To go beyond the logical standpoint is a point where things are still successful, still strong. As a very logical person, going beyond this area scares me and it is something that I am working on.

It’s an area that is undetermined. It is a destiny unknown. That’s why I call it “Undetermined Destiny.”,