Top College Mistakes to Avoid

oops In college, we learn a lot, but there are a few major pitfalls that anyone should avoid.

  • Cutting Class
    Even though this seemed fun in high school, college is a different puppy….one that has an unrelenting bite. Skipping class affects your grade even when the class has no attendance policy. Those who perform well on exams tend to have a somewhat perfect attendance record. Reasonable absences, in their rarity, are fine.
  • Final Exam Preparation
    Finals coming up….next week. So, why wait until the week before or even a day before to prepare. At least get a two week start on preparation, especially if ti is a cumulative exam.
  • Not knowing the professor
    Professors tend to have more interests than education. They are people, just like us. The only catch is that you have to get to know the professor. Once the class begins to become a struggle, ask for help…IMMEDIATELY!

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