Top 5 Things for a Fresh Install

  1. Antivirus
  2. Drivers
  3. Malware/Spyware Killer
  4. Microsoft Updates
  5. Office Suite

A lot of people look at this as the end all to problems, but it is not that. It is a mere shield to a fraction of the issues that plague PCs.

Norton throws a lot into the picture with its 360 and Internet Security products. It hogs a lot of resources on older machines, but the new stuff can handle it.

Microsoft is sticking its hand in the cookie jar with Security Essentials. A free solution……definitely an option (as well as a personal choice)

Nod32 was the choice of choices. Small, compact, powerful, and a decent price tag. Very affordable if you believe in paying for an antivirus

PLEASE, go to your manufacturer’s site and download the latest drivers and support for your hardware. Optimal software, optimal performance….end of story.

Malware/Spyware Killer
Malwarebytes….love it, live it, and buy it!

Microsoft Updates
Set the PC to autoupdate at a time you have it on and just let it go……

Office Suite
OpenOffice or Microsoft Office? Take your pick.

Internet Security
The Jargon Free Guide to Internet Security