I feel as if nothing or anyone gives me time to actually breathe or reflect on my decisions or the things that happened in my life. I remember when I lost my grandparents. I went to the funeral that morning and I had to drive back to Oxford the same day. That was the longest, most painful two hour drive of my life.

For the past three months, I have been trying to slow this roller coaster of a life down. For three years, it is like the gear was in overdrive. I was always moving, always working, always hustling. I did more running as a businessman than I ever did as a student. Because I let my obligations overwhelm me, I let a lot of things pay for it. Life, health, the whole 9 yards. With this in mind, I realized that a person must let some things go. Trust me, I did, whether people or things realize it. Once I declare it over, it is. I also put the time into perspective. I looked at my past and realized one thing: the farther behind it is left, the closer I am to forging my own path.

Translation: the past is just that.

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