Thoughts of Being Defined

My thoughts of being defined as perhaps a complex individual.

My thoughts of smiling through pain and torment, sometimes self-inflicted.

Sometimes, it gets difficult living strong, living fast, living hard, living life without regrets or fear. There’s always the point where these feelings will be felt. A person will feel fear, will feel regret, will feel weak. This is a point of realization that life and everything that is done in it has a price.

One deep thought hit me today: sometimes we go through pain that is unnecessary Burdens that are on our shoulders are burdens that we are not supposed to carry. That’s why I said the word ‘self-inflicted’ earlier. I can speak personally as one who will try to stay smiling through it all, but things still get me down.

I always feel myself slipping back into similar traits that I thought I defined to not be a part of me anymore. That’s where persistence comes in. Things do not become habitual unless they are done consistently.

A person cannot be confident unless he or she shows confidence constantly. A person cannot be faithful without keeping the faith through all obstacles. And a person cannot define who he or she is unless it is known. To lose who you are is to lose yourself.

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