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One of the guys I work with told this joke while I was between classes. It was pretty hilarious and a heck of a story. You gotta read it if you want to crack up a little. 

At a Saturday church meeting the organist says she’s coming down with the
flu and won’t be able to play accompaniment for hymns at the following
Sunday’s services, so the pastor asks if anyone can fill in for her. It
turns out that there are no other musicians in the group, save for one
gentleman who plays the piccolo, and volunteers to play it. Having no
other choice the pastor accepts the man’s offer.

At morning service the next day the pastor reaches a breaking point in his
sermon and instructs the congregation to turn to page 32 in their hymnals.
At this point the gentleman with the piccolo turns to the holy man and
says, “Pastor, I’m several years out of practice and that hymn is a really
difficult one. I’m afraid I’d mess it up.” The pastor nods and tells the
congregation, “OK, strike that. Turn to page 18 instead.”

The piccolo player flips to that page and quickly says, “Oh Pastor…that
one’s even tougher. No way I can play that one.” “OK, OK”, replies the
pastor. “Let’s give page 27 a try instead.” Almost immediately the
musician blurts out, “Goodness….that one has four sharps in it!”

At this point someone near the back of the congregation yells out, “The
piccolo player’s a motherfucker!!”

The pastor is incensed at hearing this and demands that whoever said it
step forward, and that service will not continue until the guilty party
confesses. After several minutes passes and no one steps up, a little man
in the 3rd row raises his hand. The pastor recognizes him and asks if he
has something to say. The man responds….

“Well, I’m not the man who called your piccolo player a ‘motherfucker’,
and I’m not sitting next to the man who called your piccolo player a
‘motherfucker’. In fact, I’m not even sitting next to the man who’s
sitting next to the man who called your piccolo player a ‘motherfucker’.
But what I want to know is….who called that motherfucker a piccolo

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