This Month Last Year #1 – Life is a Tree

“I look at many aspects of life and wonder”¦..where did it go wrong or where was it actually right. The gift of foresight is not given to me, as the only thing I can analyze is the here and now. Truth is this point where I am having the most problems. I truly do not know at this point what can be done to rectify because for the first time, I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe I’m thinking too linear or too logically about life. I don’t like gray areas, so I don’t do conditional things (ie. ”˜what-ifs’). Either it is or it isn’t. Maybe the struggle for clarity is what is truly bothering me.”

Uh, wow….what the HELL was I THINKING last year?!  Everything in the world has a condition, a choice, a decision, combined with consequences. The only thing straightforward is God. Everything else is conditional and for me to even think that life can be COMPLETELY linear is a very negative thought process. The reason that it is negative is because if it goes off track, what then? Sit around and mope about it not going  the right way, or actually try to put it back together.

Life branches off like a tree, what branch you decide to keep or let die is up to you.