Give some thought to the paths you have taken in your life so far. When you went left, what would have happened if you had gone right instead? The Reset Button talks about:

  • The Right Turn – The points of life where one would pivot.
  • How to Push – Resetting your life at any given point
  • Why Push – Finding your reason to reset.
  • The After Effect – Pushing your Reset button brings a unique effect to your environment.

The ability to reset or pivot your life can be the deciding factor concerning your success. Every area of your life can have a reset – spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, familial, and financial.


LosEvolution, the pen name of Carlos Maury, is a blogger, copywriter, web designer, and motivational speaker.

As the Owner of LosEvolution, Carlos drives a consulting company towards creative web site design, driven site development, and web maintenance. He also manages social media content for several companies and uses his copywriting abilities to generate and retain revenue.

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