I see myself sometimes a recluse. Leaving a shadow”¦.and maybe a few Starburst wrappers letting people know I was there.

To cap it all off, I have been a recluse for the past 7 years, only being outward when necessary. The only things that bring me out  were my involvements on campus, my Greek life, and my academic career. I don’t know why, but that was always how I lived. I didn’t exactly have a spotlight or a microscope on my life. Honestly, I liked it that way. It kept my imperfections out of the public eye. Then again, I wouldn’t know how to correct them if they weren’t out in public now wouldn’t I?

An advise to the wise: secrecy only leads to deception and betrayal. It is true that one should be selective with what is told, but to live a life of complete seclusion is sick. The hardest lesson I learned is that I needed people. Without them, who can I actually help or be helped by? A hard lesson to learn, but one that this reclusive person needed to learn.