Wow, this is like digging into the old closet to find skeletons. Hard to do if you cleaned it out……………

This one is basically a story.

One day, as I was looking at Youtube (it’s crack, by the way), I came across a lot of stuff pertaining to my interest in wrestling, pertaining to The Rock. As a kid, I remember how much I idolized him, basically a die-hard fan, hoping for the opportunity to just sit back, raise my fist high, just like him. I remember the ‘never say die’ attitude I had with it. It wasn’t an imitation, but more like an application to my life at that point. It’s like when you take two pieces of clay and make a mold out of the pieces. Well this was one of my pieces.

So, I kept flashing through the videos, finding the trash-talking points, and the one that stuck in mind is the one that had this quote: “All I care about is being the absolute best.”

I remember when I used to care about that. It was passion, so much drive to be absolute, to have meaning behind everything I did. Every challenge I took on, everybody I faced, every game I played, and every person who saw me…knew that there was only one thing that came from me, one thing that came from deep inside….desire. It reflected….it consumed… electrified. It was in every part of my being. Desire was a drug… that I relished with every second. One that enjoyed taking….but if you lose it…it’s hard to get back….

Now, the new thoughts…