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The Number One Reason People Give Up On Their Goals

In about 3 months from this post, you will see the “New Year, New Me,” resolutions, new goals, anything that is about a change. Some say they want to drop some weight, make some money, become better spiritually, communicate more with family, the list goes on and on. With goals such as these, why do so many people give up on them? Well, there are several reasons, but there is one important one. A lot of people think it is fear.

Fear is one reason. Some fear the things it takes to get to that dream. Shed the weight, put your feet to the pavement for a mile. Talk to family a bit more, but afraid to pick up the phone. Make a bit more money, but afraid to cold-call a stranger. You may want to try something new, but fear the concept of failing at it until you become effective. Those are a few examples, but they do not make fear to be the number one reason.

So, What is The #1 Reason People Give Up?

The goal is not significant enough.

Grant Cardone

What goal is so big that it will change your life? More sales? More passion? Giving more of yourself? These are the questions that make your goals significant. How about you take a quick look at your goals? Does anything appear small? Achieve it and make something bigger. Make your goals so big that it hurts to fall short.

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