As I sit in the chair that has taken the heat of my emotions and comforted my feelings during my writing, tv watching, gaming, and browsing, I realize that each time I breathe, it’s never the same. It’s a different breath every time, unique from any I have taken before. It’s a feeling of true enlightenment.

I’ve seen a lot over the past 4 years….done a lot as well. Guess I’ve lived a mini-lifetime in that particular point, experiencing a lot. I hold no one to fault for my mistakes but myself, because they are my mistakes. That’s the thing with my life at the moment….acceptance.

I accept how things are at this particular point and how things happened between me and the rest of the world. No point in sulking, slouching, or being boring. So I ended a lot of crap with a new year coming in. It’s like a weight is off my shoulders, and basically I’m gonna translate it in this way….If you have someone in your life that appears to be dead weight, let them go.

And now the ending of the Old Thoughts Story…

In this world……100% is only given when a person looks at himself and there’s nothing left. He collapses in a pool of sweet, tears, blood, knowing the fact that he laid it all on the line….to accomplish a goal. To sit back and say, “Damn it! That’s all I got!” Well I say if you got the strength to open a mouth and complain, bitch and moan, you still got something left.