The Law of The Jungle

“The biggest, baddest lion stays on top until a bigger, badder lion comes along and eats him.” – Triple H

The unbridled concept of staying on top, of staying ahead, of being better is one that always stays on my mind. No matter what, there is room for evolution, room for improving.

3 years ago, I remember when I started the idea of LosEvolution.
1 year ago, I remember when I pledged Iota Phi Theta.
And on December 31, 2009, I remember when I made the decision to shut up every negative thought that came to mind. That I was going to change everything there is about this game. Everything that could be different, I made up in my mind that it was going to be different.
To become different…one must change everything there is about him.

It is a hard that requires a lot of thought and garners a lot of opinion. What is yours?