Walking away from all of it really brings a new perspective in life. I do admit that I am not perfect, but believe me that I will die trying to get close to it. Perfection is God and I honestly do not want to be God. Heck, I may slip and forget to give myself breath at night trying to sleep because I am tired. Or I may forget one time to shower a blessing or two on the less fortunate.

On another note, what is your inspiration? That thing or person you drive so hard to be….it is always a question that people ask themselves…or is it me?

Truthfully, I have been inspired by rap positively and negatively. Listening to the headbangers can bring that intensity out of me, while pure lyrics will put me into thought. For those who can say they can listen to music without being influenced to a degree, it is not possible. Put on some Trey Songz and watch the girls melt…or to even heat up that bedroom.

From a physical standpoint, I am not only a fan, but John Cena inspires me. Pure, brute strength was always a dream and he exemplifies it. Not saying that I want to be 240lbs at only 5’6, but I do want my own numbers to be beastly for my size. Clean, without steroids or any hormone enhancers.

So, what’s your inspirations?!