The 25 – Revisited

Here’s a nitty gritty point”¦or 25

1. Plain and simple”¦.I am so complex that I describe myself as a book”¦with so many chapters, footnotes, references, and random segments.

2. I, at multiple occasions, considered the concept of fuck it when it came to life. I thought it was too stressful and not worth the pain that accompanied it.

3. I am now beginning to mold myself in my life to the point where I do things correctly and the point where I can no longer say, “I should’ve listened to my mom.”, Translation, her teachings are mine, her morals are mine, and to me, she is the most important woman in my life.

4. Honestly, being a computer consultant, student, fraternity president, IMAGE member, web site designer, coder, best friend, boyfriend, confidant, son, brother, cousin, and a mere associate is hard as hell. With all this going on, people wonder how I become a ghost. #5 explains it.

5. Carlos=Ninja. That is all.

6. I have an addiction to my work with computers and my entertainment with videogames. It is at these points where I am at my happiest, so I just indulge myself in my work.

7. For some odd reason, I feel older than 22 because of how my life is.

8. I am a true professional with my life. I deal with my personal issues inside, away from the public eye. Once I close the door of my apartment and walk outside, my issues are tossed to the back of my head and I am about business.

9. Until I got older, I never considered myself as attractive, sexy, cute, handsome, fine, or whatever. Don’t know why, but I never did.

10. So #9 basically shows that I’ve been in a constant bout with my own self-esteem issues.

11. Rather than be in a situation that I dislike, I will just walk away. Not in anger, but I’ll just disappear.

12. I am a very calculating individual, though I am very impulsive with a lot of my decision.

13. I feel as if nothing or no one gives me time to actually breathe or reflect on my decisions or the things that happened in my life. I remember when I lost my grandparents. I went to the funeral that morning and I had to drive back to Oxford the same day. That was the longest, most painful two hour drive of my life

14. Writing is my complete speech. I don’t know if I have an impediment or that I’m so nervous that I sometimes stutter and/or lose my thought process when talking to people sometimes.

15. I am addicted to Starburst and Orange Juice.

16. My mind is always calculating my next, previous, and current move. I play my life like chess. Death is my checkmate.

17. I flirt. Plain and simple. I have this overwhelming likeness for the female race. Simply put…..I LOVE WOMEN!

18. I try not to have gray areas. I hate things that are not completely clear. Rather it be cut and dry. Yes or no.

19. I have a replica of the WWE Championship”¦..and I’m a diehard fan of John Cena.

20. My life is in my poetry, though I try not to mention others in my work. It is words of emotions, not words directed towards anyone

21. I don’t try to have a “fuck the world”, mentality or look on my face, but sometimes it just happens.

22. I will YouTube, Google, Digg, and Twitter anything and anyone.

23. I like to have unique stuff. Things that seem normal but actually aren’t.

24. I’ve grown a little happier over the years, but overall on a scale of 1-10, I still say I’m about a 4.

25. I see myself sometimes a recluse. Leaving a shadow”¦.and maybe a few Starburst wrappers letting people know I was there.

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