Writing is my complete speech. I don’t know if I have an impediment or that I’m so nervous that I sometimes stutter and/or lose my thought process when talking to people sometimes.

This is random. Of course if I’m excited, my speech will speed up. It is a matter of control. Like I talked about earlier, it is a matter of slowing all this stuff down. I’m finally learning this lesson. Also, as we can see, writing is my release.

LosEvolution.com may be a 3-year project, but writing has been a part of my life for years. I still look at a lot of my past writings, specifically my high school writing. Even then, I had problems organizing my thoughts, but a lot of things I wrote were about the people I cared about, instead of now, where I maintain a more critical, chronological style.

That is why LosEvolution is important to me. It is my release and my opinions. Despite these, I try not to bring others into my speech because it would not be a good thing and I hate publication to a certain degree. My past, personal thoughts used to include the people, but once  I went public with the site, I went professional as well. This is a mere business, a personal one though.