Site Updates

Site Updates – Life

Site Updates – Life

So, what is the deal? Well, life hit. How?


Let’s see…well, I had a kid. She is awesome and keeps me awake. Maybe I’ll use the awake time to keep posting. That will happen between coos, poops, wet diapers, and feedings. Fun Times! She thinks so too!

Baby Brooke
Brooke, meet the World. World, meet Brooke.

I got this new job, and it is also awesome. Check out my LinkedIn profile about the whole Client Delivery Manager fun! I am 5 months in, as of August, and each day is a new, exciting challenge. More responsibility and more opportunity.

Now that I got a hand on things, here is a brief view on what is coming!

15 Things Returns

The list is coming back, starting at WWE Summerslam for you wrestling fans! Also, each event will be recapped, and I hope to market some WWE merch!

Lyrical Updates

Two collections are going to be posted: Recognition and The Reset Button. Recognition will drop in October and The Reset Button in November. I entertained the thought of making them into published books, and may even offer them as eBooks on the site.

More to come! Follow LosEvolution on the Twittah, Instagram, and Facebook for more!

Site Updates – 10/8/15

Site Updates – 10/8/15

Recycling ideas for a few updates. Definitely see below to have content.

15 Things Segments

  • Scandal
  • Empire
  • WWE Smackdown
  • All WWE Pay Per View specials
  • Show of the Week (as chosen by readers)

Weekly posts

  • Friday Wrestling Highlights

Lyrical Releases

  • Lost In The Rhyme – 10/24/15
  • Another Level 4
  • Chronicles of L.E. 2

More to come, but this is the guaranteed content. I’m definitely sticking with the current theme, only with some tweaks under the hood.


Stay tuned.



2015 Quarterly Update

2015 Quarterly Update

So far, 3,404 distinct views of this year! Thanks everyone!

A few system database changes are being made to compensate for the new WordPress versions and layouts. A lot of things under the hood, but I am definitely trying to bring the best experience to an already expanding site.

Due to holiday and community service, I’m back-filling posts, so note the tweets. The posts will be dated as such.

  • Wrestling results will be posted each Friday and Sunday (PayPerView weekends only). Only the win/loss. If you want play by play, check out ProWrestlingScoops.
  • I’m no longer doing 15 Things for Impact Wrestling, as I do not have Destination America. However, if a wrestling enthusiast wants to pick this up and contribute….well, we shall see.
  • The tenth album project is going to be titled Juu.



Site Update – 15 Things Increased Segment Change and Additions


WWE Smackdown will be upgraded to 15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown


TNA Impact has moved to Destination America and re-debuts on January 7th, 2015. On its debut and going forward, the segment will be titled 15 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling. will also be picking up on the hit FX series, American Horror Story, which premiers on January 7th, 10pm EST/9pm CST. With this premier, a new list will debut immediately following the show.

15 Things I Learned from Scandal will continue once Scandal returns later in the month.


More changes coming to as the year sets in.