Ever been in a situation where the last resort had to be used? Fighting is directly a final resort, one that should be used ONLY when there is NO other alternative. There’s ALWAYS an alternative to this.

Done to part 2 of Lil Wayne – Prostitute

Swing Left, Swing Right

Say I throw a freakin punch, and I hit it freakin strong
With morals all in my mind tellin me that it’s all wrong
It’s tellin me that sometimes you ain’t gotta swing
True true, I do know the trouble it’ll bring
Let me tell a story about the lil fight
All I did was swing my right and it was good night
And there was a story about swingin the left
Made a lil punk ass wet his damn self
All I did was swing
All I did was hit
And they say he so rude
I call it oh bullshit
Sometimes all you can do is swing left and swing right
As long as you actually swing left and swing right
But always think before you swing left and swing right
Cuz trouble comes when you swing left and swing right

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