Stepping and Hopping… From the Outside In….

Stepping is insane. Plain and simple. It is the most difficult thing I have ever done. Honestly, I’m damn near scared to death while doing it. It is a rush, with my body running on fumes, the crowd, and pure adrenaline. You can hear EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING on that stage. Insanity ensues once the crowd sees you and starts cheering, jeering, or whatever. After that, it is a matter of putting things together. I’m not much of a coordinated person by any means (Hell, I had to LEARN how to dance). I’m so much of a perfectionist of myself that it is crucial to get it all right. After the show is done, the naysayers will say what they have to say, some out of bitterness and jealousy, but real people will do either one of two things, congratulate you because it is hard as hell to get up there and do great, or congratulate you with constructive criticism, because they want you to be better.

Hopping is a different story. It is a fun thing to do and it is a priviledge. To be able to start it off and sometimes be the only one hopping is fun. It is also a representation of your devotion and how happy you with the decision made to be greek.  Going from the guy watching to the guy doing it is somewhat difficult because of all these years merely watching and wondering what and why it is done. I’m glad that I now know and trust me, the grass IS green on this side also.