Sonic….in Double!

So, Sega dropped the Sonic 4 project and went to Sonic Colors. Now it is Sonic Generations.

With an anticipated Holiday 2011 release, Sonic Generations is the ‘merger’ game. Modern Day and Classic Sonic….yes, green vs black eyes…red shoes with buckle vs generic, running with hands behind back vs side hands run….well, you get the picture.

© 2011 Sega

From what the game depicts, you can go between each level as either hedgehog. This guarantees a 2d vs 3d experience. Hopefully, the mechanics of the classic year returns. Let’s face it, Sonic 1-3 were epic….all freaking 3 of them. The mechanics, the gameplay, the speed, everything we love as the hedgehog.

Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Adventure stood out better than the Next-Gen redebut horror. Hopefully, Sega will continue to use the Hedgehog Engine used in Unleashed.

Here is some gameplay…