Site Update: The Loose Ends (New Lyrics)

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should by the way, because of its random awesomeness) or check my Facebook (which you should also because it is on another level of its own), you would know about this little jewel I have been working on.

It is a mere continuation of The Paper Trail called The Loose Ends. This one was inspired by Yo Gotti, using a lot of the beats of his best tracks.

Intro – inspired by Cocaine Muzik 2’s Intro
Full Time Snappin – inspired by Full Time
With The Mic – inspired by Standing in the Kitchen
My Passion – inspired by Shoot off
Loose Ends – inspired by Shoot off
Eff Them Haters – inspired by I Got Em
Call Me Los – inspired by That’s What’s Up
You Screwed – inspired by 5 Star Chick
Paper Trail (Outro)

Check out the entire section here

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