9. Until I got older, I never considered myself as attractive, sexy, cute, handsome, fine, or whatever. Don’t know why, but I never did.

10. So #9 basically shows that I’ve been in a constant bout with my own self-esteem issues.

Self-perception was never my strongest suit. It kept me humble, knowing that the world was larger than one person. Problem was that my perception was not at the level I wanted. I rarely smiled in photos, and worst of all, I had a “**** the world” mentality. Part of it still remains, but I’m glad it’s better than what it used to be. When I said I tried everything, I mean everything. I found the perfect combination.

My style of dress reflects the trend of our race, changing with the times while my attitude reflects my persona as a recluse unless I have to speak. Physical fitness is my new hustle since I’m hooked on pumping iron to a certain degree.

Basically what this means is that I stick to my roots, but I can evolve my thoughts if it seems like the logical thing to do. Guess that makes me a being of logic.