RoW – Something on the Side

Been a little behind on my weekly segments, so I’m going to double up this week. Trust me when I say this: My reading interests are very random. If it catches the eye, I might read it!

Pretty hot read to be honest, especially if you like the type.

Check it out! Given 3.5 to 5 stars by readers.

Something on the Side by Carl Weber

“The only requirement to joining the Big Girls Book Club is all ladies must be at least a size 14. Another unofficial rule appears to be having something going on in one’s love life that’s a little bit dangerous. But in Weber’s raunchy romantic comedy, these babes find there’s a consequence to every freaky action in or out of the bedroom…. Weber keeps things tight and funny; readers with a bent for the bootlicious will certainly want to pick this one up.” —-Publishers Weekly