Release Dates for New Rhymes

After a few delays on my part, I have slated the new album releases for my Poetry section. The delays were mainly due to writer’s block and trying to gather more ideas. Each album portrays a certain mindset, and I feel that I need to be in that mindset to pull this work out of me. So, bear with me as I tread through my mind and put these verses on paper. Verbal will be coming soon.

Final Resolution (delayed)
Final Resolution is the burial of life’s hindrances…well at least the current ones.

Re-Up (release date: delayed)
Re-Up is a remix to previous work with current knowledge.

Cleanup Squad (release date: 3/10/12)
No hooks, raw 2-3 min freestyles.

Change the Game (release date: 2/29/12)
Paving the way for a new LosEvolution, Change The Game does just that