Drafts are done!

A lot of the things you guys have read was written from the 25 to the 29th of December.  More or less, a predated idea to compensate for a long rant about random topics. The topics were picked earlier in the year and were left unfinished. So, I finished them with new ideas in mind because I did nto know what I was thinking at those particular moments.

RIP to the BS evolved a lot from its beginning. It started as me a little ticked off and wanting to express myself in anger. That was in April. When I finished, it was a controlled product with poetry.

New Poem – No Regret (I Don’t Regret) came from a untitled poem when I was listening to Rev Theory’s song, Voices. Interesting concept, but I did not want to confuse myself or anyone else with it, so I kept it short.

Random Thoughts – To be Focused came from my notion of being focused with everything. Also, Kurt Angle’s wrestling theme added a few ideas.

These 3 were key drafts, the others were either old drafts from already published posts or things that were too predated to write new ideas on. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the work and as always, subscribe to the RSS feeds and keep your pen ready to write down YOUR ideas as well. You never know who will find them interesting.