Read o’ the Week – 5/4/07

This isn’t such a bad idea. Every Friday I’ll post something that really sticks out. It can be something I read, a joke, a quote, a crazy chain message, anything. So here’s the start off point.

10 Reasons Why it Doesn’t Pay to be the Computer Guy

Reason #10 – Most Of Your Accomplishments Are Invisible
Reason #9 – Every Conversation You Have Is Roughly The Same
Reason #8 – You’re An Expert Of Bleeding-Edge Technology Products, Aren’t You?
Reason #7 – Your Talents Are Forcibly Undervalued
Reason #6 – You’re Never Allowed A Moment’s Peace
Reason #5 – People Ask You To Perform Miracles
Reason #4 – Your Assumed “All-Knowing”, Status Sets You Up To Let People Down
Reason #3 – You Possess Unlimited Responsibility
Reason #2 – A Life Of Alienation
Reason #1 – You Have No Identity

OK, the list is kinda weird, basically because I’m a computer nerd…and I kinda like it. There is the perspective of enjoying and hating your work at the same time, but for me it is not the case. I actually enjoy my work as a computer consultant and my daily life, in which 12 of those hours are spent in front of a computer.

#10 – A computer guy’s accomplishments are not exactly ‘invisible.’ The damn computer works; so, job well done.

#9 – There are so many conversations that I go though the day that don’t have ANYTHING to do with computers. Out of 20, probably 10 may be about a computer of some kind. It’s a rough 50/50 split.

#8 – It kinda pays to have the latest or the best technology at your fingertips. The reason I said latest or best is because sometimes the old stuff works better than the new. Think about it, something old, tested, and broken in will be way better than something new. Prime example, I guarantee that like 85% of the computer users had to relearn Microsoft Office when 2007 came out. Look at Word 2003 and 2007. Big difference, ain’t it.

#7 – Value can only be given to the person by the person him or herself. Value in life is only determined by one thing: how strong of an opinion that a person has about his or her abilities and him or herself.

#6 – Uh…I wrote this. Damn, that’s more than a moment. Actually took me an hour. Seriously, this is where the foot must go down. There’s a priority list when it comes to computer issues: First come, first serve. Translation: I’ll deal with my own stuff and my own life before everything else. I’m already complex enough.

#5 – I’ll let a person know that I’m not Houdini, and that I’m not perfect. Though I’m paid to pull off stuff that is not normal, sometimes things do not work as planned. Mistakes happen. Like a computer, humans can break also.

#4 – This is where comes to mind. Guarantee it’ll be known before the next day.

#3 – Usually there’s a month or so warranty on performed work.

#2 – Loner by choice, deal with people by choice, have 100 friends by choice, have a few by choice. OK, being a computer person. What about having other computer technicians as friends?

#1 – “The computer guy is here.” I can say to this day I haven’t managed to get this one. This is where the communication comes in. Damn it, you gonna know me, LOL

Well that’s my answer on the so-called 10 reasons. I don’t know about not being a computer guy, especially after I have been one for all these years. It’s one thing that I have become accustomed to. After spending the last 6 years learning about computers, why stop now?