5/17/07 – Read o’ the Week

I stumbled upon this one while on Digg and looking at its front page. By the way, Digg is a webpage that got its start as a page which users can submit articles. The concept of the site’s community sets off the tone for this week’s Read o’ the Week.

Some Community Tips for 2007

It’s not the community as of the people that you live with. Rather, it focuses on web communities. The article emphasizes on moderators and admins being human, yet professional.

It is understandable to be a professional about a web site and all, but with building a community, one must relate to the visitors. It takes a while to build a strong community, but only seconds to turn away someone forever. Guess the concept of putting the best foot forward really matters in this case.

One thing that really stood out with this one is the concept behind full time moderation. It is a full-time thing, and devoting time to web site management is essential. During my college finals, I had hardly any time to put into my site. Hence the fact that I did updates beforehand.