5/12/07 – Read o’ the Week

Ok, a day late, but here it is: LosEvolution’s RoTw.

Remember Better & Be More Creative

I was browsing around and, as always, stumbling upon some things. This is one.

Since we as people try to remember the things that have happened in the past, sometimes those things are not so easily recalled. Memory is a weird thing at times. It can be short-term, long-term, and sometimes even no-term. No-Term is when the memory is forgotten.

I haven’t read the eBook yet, but it does seem interesting. For its price, I’d get it off Amazon if I’m REALLY interested. The advertising page did get me thinking though. Many ways to use the brain better, instead of wasting it.

One fact still remains: There will always be that one person in the family that is a history book, remembering all the events that happened.

Here’s a thought: How far do YOU remember? The point where you were a baby? Years ago in Kindergarten? Or barely remembering yesterday?

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste”