Reaching 700 (Starting Over)

reboot buttonA lot of people can say that I hit the “Reboot” button on my life somehow. Around January, I decided that the things that plagued my life were going to be removed bit by bit. I wanted clarity and less gray areas. That happened, but the only downside is that I stopped blogging often. Well, that is going to change as well.

5 Ways I Restarted

  • Fighting Demons
    Well, let’s just say that there was a lot of interior cleaning to be done before I started to influence my own little world. Depression, self-esteem, confidence, and the millions of doubts had to be removed. Plain and Simple
  • Starting Anew
    For 6 months, I started anew with a close friend who also wanted something new. Happiness found, not only in ourselves, but with each other as well. I wouldn’t trade my @secretsinajewel for anything.
  • Reaching Out Again
    Well, my associations (club promotions and fraternity) do make me an outward person, so I decided to twist the public life to a degree. It separates it from my professional demeanor, which is now shrouded  in slacks and nice button-downs.
  • Gaming
    From my millions of posts, the gaming mentality never leaves. So, what I did was make my life like the videogames I play. I don’t do arcade so there’s no “insert coin”. You turn the power on and play for keeps.
  • Grateful
    Each night, when you lie in bed, think of five things that you can be grateful for.

This restarted the life of LosEvolution, and I haven’t looked back since.