Re-Introduction to the World

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past 23 years, there’s been one person who has been doing a lot of things in the world….from being the most unbreakable person in his own right to being the man that is always the Go-To Guy. In this world, that guy has and will continue to be me.

Behind one desk, there is a mind
Consumed with thoughts of business and ways to bide his time
A thought process, focused on maintaining his aspect of life
Looking to his inspirations, knowing he can never lose the fight
Because to lose the fight of life is to accept that he can fail
In his mind, the only way to fail is to wind up in Hell
But that is impossible because purity is a show that his life is not always right
But it is not always wrong because he doesn’t start any strife
He merely does what he believes is best for himself and everyone around
Trying to lift others up, while the world may put them down
A smile on his face because he has his health and a chance to do his best
I reintroduce to many and introduce to some
An adult viewpoint on life and technology…