Rap/Hip-Hop – What will We Crank Next?

2007-2008 is the Crank Dat era of hip-hop.

Crank Dat Army Boy, Aqua Man, Batman, Forrest Gump, Iceman, Incredible Hulk, Jump Rope, Lion King, Michael Jackson…..(gasp for breath)….Crank Dat Peter Pan, Road Runner, Ryu, Spiderman, Spongebob, Super Mario, Weezey Wee, Wonder Woman, Yank….and last but not least SOULJA BOY!

No disrespect to the new wave of the 21st century at all because I WILL DANCE MY ASS OFF IN ANY CLUB I’M IN! I’m not much of a club hopper, but I try to keep it lively every now and then.

K, back on topic. I’m just posing a question for the world? What will we crank next?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least we dancing and cranking instead of trying to kill one another or talking about how many people we beat up, how many drugs we sold, and how many women shaking their behinds (no disrespect to the ladies with that one, cuz God knows I care for mine!).