Random Thoughts #1 – Pumping the Iron

This week is improv writing. I wrote up to four random thoughts, each circling around perception and an approach to life and its issues. The next two weeks are going to be the most complex when it comes to my words as they will be random and off the top of my head. Up until now, my posts were generally written a day or two before they appear on the site. Next week begins my direct approach. Whatever comes to mind, I’ll jot it down immediately to the site. Of course, I’ll clean the thoughts up over the weekend, but I just want to show where my mind goes on a lot of issues.

Start it off with one issue:
I saw this thing on bodybuilding.com about being the strongest pound for pound. I saw this and I was thinking about boxing as a lot of boxers are the best pound for pound. It’s a term used in boxing, martial arts, and other fighting sports to describe certain competitors in the weight classes. (Wiki on pound for pound). I saw the routine and was amazed because there’s no give to it. No break, no let-up. Each day is the same, until it gets to like week 4. Then it doubles…..

Many of you know that the iron is a hobby, a driving point because of the desire to shape my body. Since I’m an extremist when it comes to a lot of things, I take the sport and the hobby of weightlifting seriously. My goal to bench by this summer is 225lbs, which is WELL over my weight. I want this and I need it for some reason……