Randoms Thought #4 – Passion….Do YOU Have It?

There was a time where I felt no passion, no desire, no drive. Everything just fell in place with little or no input from me. MY ADVICE: FIND PASSION

I’m trying not to be a perfectionist, but I have a passion for improvement. I thought it was simply an aspect with electronics, books, and games at first. Then, I started reading more, building my body, and trying to improve my personality to suit what I feel, so I constantly try to top my best. Not to be 100% perfect, but to never fail. Failure is a human perception, one that we place on ourselves when we fall short of expectations. As long as there’s something learned, there’s never failure. At least, that’s what I think. When I DID fall short, I didn’t know how to respond. When I didn’t meet my expectations, I got pissed. Don’t get mad, just improve…….