Ya wonder why it’s late and the eyes still wide
Wanna take to the whip and give the town a ride
I wanna look at the stars and the street lights
But I stay in, so I don’t start a petty fight
I keep the stick in hand, gaming the night away
Knowing that 6am is 4 hours away
I stick to what I know, and what I want to be
I know at the end of the day, it’s the death of me
Because the candle is starting to burn at both ends
I don’t know if it’s the night but I’m going in
K/D going up, and I’m carving into first place
Or that combo I kept practicing is coming in place
What you don’t understand is in the game I find peace
Simple game achievements, it’s all in the reach
I’m gonna keep it going and I don’t have a hook
At 2 am I take away what the day took
I find my peace in a simple little game
I played the night away until the sun came
And on the flip side, I remember it’s 2 in the morn
Out with the fellas and we rollin till the morn
Drinks on deck, free as they can be
Staying on the line of sober is how to be me
I’m my own DD, so I always know the limit
But I pour them back like they’re infinite

inspired by Vybe Beatz – EveryLil’ Thing