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Procrastination Killer: How to Beat It Quickly

Procrastination has an enemy.

Think about some things in life that we put off. There could be one, two, or even three that come to mind fast. I have one, two, and the third was this freaking post. Some of you even procrastinated in reading this post when you saw the title, which is okay. We can procrastinate for several reasons: Those can be:

  • Skills or Ability
  • Confidence
  • Finding the Will

There can be more reasons, but shift the focus to the reasons above. We all have stories; therefore, we all have points for procrastination. Case in point, this is my first blog post since 2020. Ten thousand excuses ranging from topics, time, content, the sheer belief in what I am writing, to the business…now you see where I am going. If not, here is a formal definition.

What is Procrastination???

the action of delaying or postponing something.

Defining Procrastination

How to Beat It?

There is an enemy: Time. If you pull time out of the equation, then the will to procrastinate goes away. If you have an itch to go to the gym, scratch it! Take the time out of thinking of the reasons not to go or the things that you need to do aside from it. How about your phone? Is there a person you have yet to connect with, but psyching yourself out of doing it? Dial the number. Figure out the rest later. The thing about taking the time out of putting off things is to do the hard things. If it is difficult, just take action. I rather apologize for pushing the envelope versus apologizing for not trying. Take the “A” for effort. Stop being scared of the “F” or another end result. You beat yourself with fear before the world that you are so afraid of has the opportunity to.

There are so many in the world that will swing against your potential success. Do not be one of them.

Ride the wave.