Visions, premonitions, and other insights into the future have shown us many things. Here’s a premonition for you: Why is it that even the brightest of visions can turn into something so dark in a blink of an eye? Is it because of our corruption? Is it because we will those situations to become tainted?

I can see myself successful, strong, and damn near invincible if I decide to perceive myself that way. The problem is that I do have an arrogant standpoint to myself and my views. “All I care about is being the absolute best.”, I heard this quote, and I once applied it, selfishly to my life, treating people as stepping stones, just to meet an end. It wasn’t until I learned to not be bitter or non-forgiving towards others that I ended at the point of being selfless towards others.

My premonition, now, is truly tainted with impurities of myself and what I have allowed to be influenced by. With God’s will and my many aspirations, my vision is clearing up. I can do more than see the light at the end of the tunnel. I actually feel the heat from the source of the light, warming my heart from a cold slumber in the darkness. This is a premonition. My heart will not be 100% pure and I will not be perfect. I will get pretty close, knowing that I gave my all.